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Traveling With Pets? Read This First!

While not all RV travelers have children or grandchildren, a growing number do travel with pets.  We’ve seen all types of pets from spider monkeys to chinchillas, parrots, and other exotic creatures!


In fact, we have yet to hear of anyone experiencing any problems with on board pets anywhere in North America.

Traveling with pets is very common and most RV owners never experience any major issues.

There may be times however when you arrive at a State Park or private campground and notice a “no pet” policy.  In such cases, it is best to avoid these areas rather than trying to hide your fur babies!  For most RV owners there policy is this: If our pets aren’t welcome, we do not feel welcome.

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The fun begins as soon as you pull out of the driveway. Spending time exclusively with your family makes every RV trip very special in your memories. And traveling with pets makes it even more so. It can be one of the best experiences your family can share. Since many places like museums, art galleries, grocery stores etc. do not let pets inside; the pet owners are forced to leave their pets in the RV. On a hot summer day, in minutes, the temperature inside your vehicle can raise much higher than the temperature outside. High temperatures beyond a limit can have severe consequences on your pet inside.

Unfortunately there are a growing number of stories of RV owners coming home to find their pet in a fight for its life or dead because of overheating in a hot RV. Or worse yet the power at the RV park goes off and then comes back on later and resets everything, so that the air conditioning or heating system is not set to the right temperature or worse yet doesn’t come back on.

With modern technology, it should be simple and affordable to know if your pet is safe while you are out enjoying the sights near where you are camping. But here another question that hits our mind is how hot does an RV get, and at what point does this become a critical issue to address with monitoring devices and alerting procedures? The below chart provides the answers:

The best solution for this might be a temperature monitoring device, which continuously monitors temperatures in the RV and immediately alerts the owners in case the temperature crosses a particular limit. The alert can be an SMS, smartphone alert or an email. The solution should also be affordable. The solution should be reliable as lives are dependent on it. Not many technology devices available check all the boxes. But such an RV Temperature monitoring solution would not be a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’, for all RV travelers.

Thanks to modern technology, you can protect your pet simply and affordably.  Check out the video below to learn about the best solution available for today’s RV owner.  You and your pet will be glad you did.

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