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[Revealed] Best Mail Forwarding Solutions

Chances are that if you decide to travel in your RV for long periods of time, the questions will arise: “How am I going to receive my mail?”

For anyone who is considering going full-time, or becoming a snow bird, the topic of mail forwarding is an important one.  Since you may not be in any one place for very long, those bills, letters, and packages will need to go somewhere!

While it’s certainly true that you can have your family, friends, or the post office hold you mail, a reputable mail forwarding service can be priceless.

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What Exactly Does A Mail Forwarding Service Do?

An approved mail forwarding service gives you a physical address you can have your mail forwarded to. Once the mail is received, they sort, compile and then send your mail to you at pre-determined intervals that you select.  Most modern mail forwarding services have great features, everything from online mail viewing, to mail scanning,  junk mail sorting, oversize package handling, and other helpful and often necessary add-ons.  Once your selected mail forwarding service is set-up, you can then use your physical address on your driver’s license, insurance and just about anything else.

How To Go About Selecting The Right Mail Forwarding Service

Selecting the appropriate mail forwarding service comes down to preference and also specific needs you may have. While some people simply choose the least expensive route, ($10-$12 per month) others opt for added conveniences and higher levels of functionality such as: online mail viewing, handling of large packages, and urgent services which include having someone at the mail forwarding company read open and read your mail to you over the phone.

Online Mail Viewing:

A newer feature now available with some mail forwarding services, is the ability to view your mail from online-mail-viewingyour computer, tablet, or smartphone.   With this benefit,  you are able to view the sender, the actual mail piece itself, and then decide whether you want it forwarded, or disposed of.  With online mail viewing, you may find that this option even eliminate the need for having any mail forwarded at all!

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